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  • Adult Stifneck Select Collar

    The Laerdal® Stifneck® Select™ extrication collar is four different collars in one. Stabilize spinal patients correctly and easily with 4 different sizing options that all lock quickly and safely into
  • Allfit

    The Allfit™ pellets are easy to use and allow you lots of applications: enlarge, enhance, make heavier, reshape or modify any appliance or utensil. You can now mould the mass to your patient's hand, e
  • Aquafit NS

    Aquafit NS (Non Sticky) is the purest variety of splint material, with elastic qualities and a protective, non-adhesive coating. It procures a very high resistance to tearing, even when stretched
    Starting at $90.35
  • ASO Ankle Stabilizer with stays

    Great choice for preventing or treating ankle sprains. The elastic cuff closure decreases the amount of inversion possible. "Figure 8" straps replicate ankle taping. Medial and lateral removable
    Starting at $55.70
  • ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer

    The ASO EVO® is the newest evolution in the ASO® ankle brace. It has all the benefits of the original ASO® ankle brace plus the addition of an inner stirrup strap that provides greater resistance
    Starting at $58.15
  • Back-n-Black Lumbar Support

    This lumbar-sacral support features two flexible plastic abdominal panels, a semi-rigid sacral pad, and an inelastic circumferential nylon strapping system to reduce lumbar load. - Anterior (front)
    Starting at $91.45
  • Back-n-Black with Dual Panels Lumbar Support

    The dual panel support is created for the moderate to severe conditions. The rigid anterior and posterior panels work in concert with the inelastic nylon strapping system, thereby decreasing the load
    Starting at $182.75
  • BandIT therapeutic forearm band

    The ProBand® BandIT® epicondylitis clasp helps relieve the pain from muscular overuse caused by work, sports or injury. Provides targeted compression to the long tendons of the forearm allowing them t
  • Chieftain Procare Arm Sling

    Breathable Tietex mesh material with hook and loop closure. Thumb loop prevents wrist drop. Ideal for cast support; injuries to the arm, wrist or hand. Small: 7" x 16" Medium: 7.5" x 17"
    Starting at $6.25
  • Clavicle Splint Procare

    Adjustable prong buckles ensure correct fit and prevents slippage. Stockinette-covered felt shoulder straps. Washable.   Chest circumference at bottom of sternum
    Starting at $12.75
  • Cogged scissor for thermoplastic

    Cogged pair of scissor with return spring to cut sheets up to 3.2 mm.
  • Com-Pressor Belt

    The Com-Pressor® is a pelvic belt which applies a variable amount of compression to specific locations of the pelvis. It allows customization such that the pelvis can be compressed where it is needed
    Starting at $66.45
  • ComfiHips Replacement Pads

    Recommended for: People with a high risk of falling People taking medication that could impair their balance and vision People with neurological challenges that could impair safe walking O
  • ComfiHips Replacement Undergarments

    You can wear ComfiHips® all the time, day or night. They naturally conform the body to sleep on their side without discomfort. ComfiHips® were designed in conjuction with the Department of Phy
    Starting at $45.75
  • Complete thumb splint

    Intended for acute cases, the dorsal part at the level of the thumb prevents hyperextension of the distal phalanx. This part easily be cut away when necessary. 1/8” (3.2 mm) Micro perforated
    Starting at $17.25
  • CoreProducts Better Binder Post-Partum Support

    The versatile and shape-adaptive Better Binder, designed by a physical therapist, holds and hugs the post-operative belly, remodels lymphedemic bellies and gives bariatric patients comfort and control
    Starting at $0.01
  • CoreProducts Maternity Support

    Provides extra support and helps relieve pressure on abdomen. By supporting the weight of the abdomen and transferring it to the spine, this support creates more comfort for both mom and baby. Elastic
    Starting at $60.90
  • CorFit Back Support Belt

    The CorFit System® is the best designed lumbosacral support on the market. Core® Products patented fitting system allows us to create supports proportionally sized in height and length, with tall
    Starting at $38.20
  • Cork heel lifts

    Cork heel lifts are a practical design and made of high quality cork and covered with a high grade of vinyl. The edges are bevelled and the front of the lift is tapered to make a smooth transition int
  • Cushioned toe spacer

    Cushioned toe spacer provides comforting relief for the pain associated with bunions, overlapping toes, and toe drift. These silicon based spacers are soft and smooth so they won’t snag on hosier
    Starting at $18.35
  • Deburring knife for thermoplastic

    To smoothen splint edges. Ideal to finish splints made of non perforated material in a fast and efficient way. Two blades are inside the handle.
  • Clearance

    DYNASYST Elastic thread

    Spool of 10 m (394"). Stretchability at least 200%. No aging after 6 weeks maximum stretching. 3 different models available: # 35312 : Maximum resistance of +/- 200 g. For su
    Starting at $6.46 $18.80
  • Dynatrack Plus Patella Stabilizer

    The Dynatrack™ Plus patella stabilizer now contains medial and lateral plastic hinges which enhance the brace’s ability to conform to the knee during flexion. The buttress is lined with Skinloc™ ma
    Starting at $94.75
  • Edging Strip

    Dimensions: 1 mm x 20 mm x 3000 mm  (1/25” x 3/4” x 118 1/10”)

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