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Thera-Band® Shoulder Pulley
"Why I am a Doctor of Chiropractic" Plaque
100% cotton stockinette Dukal™
100% Cotton Terry Towels
100% Cotton Terry Towels - Colored
100% latex ergonomic pillow Blu™
100% latex pillow with firm center Blu™
100% latex traditional pillow Blu™
100% Shea Butter Balm
12 Visits for Life protocol package
180° digit goniometer
2 balls firm rubber scalp for G5
2 tubes aneroid sphygmomanometer
23" to 30" elevation for Techniques Tables
2nd Skin® pads
3 Stages of Lumbar Degeneration model
3 Video/DVD Set
3.78L pump
3M Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope
3M Littmann Classic II S.E. stethoscope
3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope
3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope
4 in 1 multi-purpose neurological hammer
45 Degree Curve Track
5 jet hydro massage #1
50 lb Scotsman® Ice Machine
8" Wrist Lacer Wrist Support™
9 Volt Battery Charger
90 Degree Curve Track
90° PIN bifurcated wire - Universal
90° PIN bifurcated wire with yellow end
9V battery charger
9V NiCad rechargeable battery
9V Rechargeable battery NiMH
AA Battery Charger
Abdominals exercises manual
Achilles Gel Sleeve
Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique brochure
Activator Technique Lifestyle brochures
Acu-Arc Adjustable Ruler
Adapter for Intelect® Mobile Cart
Adapter for Intelect® TranSport Cart
Adapter Pin to Banana plug
Adhesive carbon electrodes
Adhesive Foam
Adhesive mount for carbon electrodes
Adjustable Face Rest Plattform
Adjustable lanyard
Adjustable Revolving Stool
Adult and junior Flexi-Tips
Adult lap bibs
Advanced weeble boards
Advanta Portable Massage Table
Advanta Recess Fillers
Aero-Cel™ Face Cushion
Agfa CP-G Plus X-Ray film
Agfa HDR-C mammography film
Agfa Mamoray HT mammography film
Agfa screen cleaner
Air Flow Comfort Ergonomic pillow Blu™
Air Flow Comfort Pillow Blu™
Air-Drop HA90C Chiropractic Table
Air-Flex Flexion & Distraction Table with optional Auto-Flexion and Auto-Distraction
Airlaid underpad
Alcohol Pads
All terry cover Chattanooga
All terry cover Whitehall
Alliance™ aluminium Portable Massage Table
Alliance™ wood Portable Massage Table
Almedic Wartemberg pinwheel
Aluminum reacher
Aluminum shims
Ambitextrous abducted thumb
AMD Ritmed vinyl gloves
AMG Color Pro single head stethoscope
AMG Deluxe Professional Adult Sphygmomanometer
Amphoteric-based instant antibacterial hand foam Amfo-Derm
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Ankle Cryo/Cuff
Ankle Spider pre-cut
Antibacterial spray MicroGerme
Antimicrobial foaming Derma-Free
Antimicrobial hand cleanser Hydrasept
Apron and glove rack
Apron set (Coat Style)
Aquafit NS
Aquaflex® Pelvic Exercises System
Arm rest - Foot rest
Arm with scapula and clavicle
ASO EVO® Ankle Stabilizer
ASO® Ankle Stabilizer
Athletic Tape EX1 Jaybird® ONE
Athletic tape Renfrew
Atlas of Human Anatomy
Aurora™ Portable Massage Table
Autex ®Permanganate Developer systems cleaner
Autex RP® Premix Fixer
Autex® A2 HC+ developer
Autex® BiPak Classic Fixer
Autex® Developer Systems Cleaner
Autex® Fixer Systems Cleaner
Autex® RP Premix developer
Autex® RP BiPak Developer
Autex® RP BiPak Fixer replenisher
Autex® SE BiPak Developer
Auto-Adhesive Electrodes Dura-Stick® Plus
Auto-Adhesive Electrodes Dura-Stick® Premium
AutoChill system
AutoChill® system
Automatic ID printer Wolf
Back / Hip / Rib Cryo/Cuff
Back Talk Forms
Back-n-Black Lumbar Support
Backflow preventer #1
Banana plug cable
Band Sling
Band-it therapeutic forearm band
Bariatric carry bar
Baseline Back, leg and chest dynamometers
Baseline hydraulic pinch gauch
Baseline skinfold caliper
Baseline® hydraulic hand dynamometer
Basic First aid kit
Basic First Aid Kit for taping
Batcher for concentrate
Bath additive skin cleaner / conditioner
Bathroom tissue Snow Owl
Battery pack extra
Battery pack extra #2
Bed pan holder
Benzalkolium swabs Dukal
Bilingual account record
Bio-Dor RTU (Ready to use)
Biogel 2 massage Gel - Silky & Long Lasting
Biogel massage gel - Legs and Feet
Biogel massage gel - Musculo & Pulmo Air
Biogel Massage Gel - Relexation & détente
Biogel Massage Gel - Rich & Creamy
BioOil massage oil - Rice bran
BioStim LXTENS unit
Biotone® Advanced Therapy Massage Creme
Biotone® Advanced Therapy Massage Gel
Biotone® Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion
Biotone® Bottle Holster
Biotone® Deep-Tissue™ Massage Lotion
Biotone® Dual-Purpose™ Massage Creme
Biotone® Herbal Select™ Body Therapy Massage Creme
Biotone® Herbal Select™ Body Therapy Massage Oil
Biotone® Herbal Select™ Face Therapy Massage Lotion
Biotone® Herbal Select™ Foot Therapy Massage Lotion
Birthday cards
Black extra-firm foam Roll
Blood pressure cuffs
Blue covers for shoes in plastic
Blue foam rolls
Blueprint for Health - Your Brain and Nerves Chart
Blueprint for Health - Your Digestive System Chart
Blueprint for Health - Your Ears Chart
Blueprint for Health - Your Eyes Chart
Blueprint for Health - Your Hearth and Blood Chart
Blueprint for Health - Your Muscles Chart
Blueprint for Health - Your Respiratory Chart
Blueprint for Health - Your Skeleton Chart
Blueprint for Health - Your Taste and Smell Chart
Blunt-tipped firm rubber applicator for G5
Body Stick
Body Wedge Vitacare
Boiance™ Face rest cushion
BONElike™ Child's Vertebral Column Model
Bongo Board
Boo-Boo pac
Book "Managing Back Pain"
Book "Sex and Back Pain"
Bosu Balance Ball
Braces continue care postcard
Break away Thoracic
Brochure Rack
Buck neurological hammer
Budget Bucky Skeletons
Budget vertebral column with stand
Built-in toilet for cubicle GK Zeus
Butterfly transfer board
C series fixed weigh Scale kit
C series shackle arm assembly
C series Weigh Scale hook assembly
C15 transmitter for applicator D-ACTOR®
Calf & Arch Spider pre-cut
Calf Cryo/Cuff
Cando® AccuForce™ exercise band
CanDo® Balance Disc
CanDo® Latex Free Exercise Band Rolls
CanDo® Low Powder Exercise Band Rolls
CanDo® Gel Ball Hand Exercisers
Carbon electrodes Empi
Cardboards for envelopes
Cardiology stethoscope Almedic
Carry bar holder
Carry Bars C series
Carry Case Portal Pro®
Cart for Intelect® Neo
Cart without drawer
Cartoon Plaque "Mother Goose & Grimm"
CAT chiropractor ajustable gun
Cause & Effect poster
Cefar TENS wires
Cefar® ifc
Ceiling Brackets
Cellulose sponges for suction cup electrodes
CervAlign® pillow
Cervical Core-roll
Cervical drop for Techniques Tables
Cervical Roll Slip-on Pillowcase
Cervical Spinal Column
Cervical support Vitaroll
Cervical tip for adjustment gun
Cervical traction device Saunders®
Charger End-Stop
Charging Station for Hybresis unit
Chart "Acceleration Injury - To the Cervical Spine"
Chart "Anatomy of the brain"
Chart "Anatomy of the heart"
Chart "Arthritis"
Chart "Articulation du genou"
Chart "Blessures sportives"
Chart "Cardiovascular disease"
Chart "Deformities of Feet"
Chart "Dermatomes"
Chart "Diseases of the digestive system"
Chart "Ear, nose & throat"
Chart "Epaule et coude"
Chart "Foot and Ankle - Anatomy and Pathology"
Chart "Gastroesophageal disorders and digestive anatomy"
Chart "Hand and wrist - Anatomy and Pathology"
Chart "Head and neck"
Chart "Heart Disease"
Chart "Hip and knee inflammations"
Chart "Knee injuries"
Chart "Knee Joint"
Chart "L'arthrose"
Chart "L'ostéoporose"
Chart "La colonne vertébrale - Anatomie et pathologie"
Chart "La musculature humaine"
Chart "Le cerveau humain"
Chart "Le cerveau"
Chart "Le crane humain"
Chart "Le squelette humain"
Chart "Le système digestif"
Chart "Le système lymphatique"
Chart "Le système musculaire"
Chart "Le système nerveux"
Chart "Le système nerveux"
Chart "Le système squelettique"
Chart "Le système vasculaire et les viscères"
Chart "Le système vasculaire"
Chart "Les affections Rhumatimales"
Chart "Les nerfs spinaux"
Chart "Lésion d'accélération de la colonne vertébrale"
Chart "Main et poignet - Anatomie et pathologie"
Chart "Malposition des pieds"
Chart "Osteoporosis"
Chart "Pelvis and Hip - Anatomy and Pathology"
Chart "Pharynx & larynx"
Chart "Pied et chevilles - Anatomie et pathologie"
Chart "Shoulder and elbow"
Chart "Sport Injury"
Chart "The autonomic nervous system"
Chart "The digestive system"
Chart "The endocrine system"
Chart "The heart"
Chart "The Human Brain"
Chart "The Human Skeleton"
Chart "The Human skull"
Chart "The liver"
Chart "The lymphatic system"
Chart "The muscular system"
Chart "The nervous system"
Chart "The respiratory system and asthma"
Chart "The respiratory system"
Chart "The Skeletal system"
Chart "The Spinal Column - Anatomy and Pathology"
Chart "The spinal nerves"
Chart "The vascular system"
Chart "The vertebral column"
Chart "Understanding asthma"
Chart "Understanding carpal tunnel syndrome"
Chart "Understanding diabetes"
Chart "Understanding hepatitis"
Chart "Understanding the common cold"
Chart "Understanding ulcers"
Chart "Whiplash injuries of the head and neck"
Charte "Bassin et hanche - Anatomie et pathologie"
Charte "Rheumatis"
Chatillon® medical dynamometer accessories kit
Cheerful chiropractic pins
Chieftain Arm Sling
Chiro- Putty ™
Chiro-Bands ™
Chiro-Nerve Cards ™
Chiropractic Benefits Everyone first time postcard
Chiropractic for Beginners brochure
Chiropractic Lifestyle Brochures
Chiropractic table Techniques
Chiropractic Team Training & Practice Management System
Chiropractically Speaking Newsletters
Chiropractically Yours hot & cold compress
Chrome dumbell
Circular safelight with filter
Classic CR System with EVP Plus
Classic CR System with EVP Plus Mammo "Hi-Resolution"
Classic Human Skull
Cleansing Transeptic solution
Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponges
Co-Plus® LF
Cogged scissor for thermoplastic
Cohesive Bandage Dukal™
ColorFit NS
Coloring Book BACKtalk
ColPaC Chattanooga
ColPaC chilling units
Com-Pressor® Belt
Commander Echo™ Algometer
Commander Echo™ Console
Commander Echo™ Downloader
Commander Echo™ Dual inclinometers
Commander Echo™ Goniometer
Commander Echo™ Grip Dynamometer
Commander Echo™ Muscle Testing Dynamometer
Commander Echo™ Pinch Dynamometer
Commander Echo™ Static Force Gauge Dynamometer
Compact storage rack for balls
Compex® 3
Compex® Wireless
Complete rehab and wellness Wall Station
Complete thumb splint
Compound Benzoin tincture Steri-Strip™
Concentrated detergent for laundry
Concentrated disinfecting detergent Spectro-Sept
Conductive gel PolyGel
Conductive gel PolyGel Laser
Conductive gel PolyGel Plus
Conductive gel PolyGel Ultra
Conductive gel Tensive
Cone water cups
Connector Bracket
Connector with massage tube
Continuous odour control system TCell™
Contouring headrest cover
Cool'n Tape®
Cork heel lifts
Cotton balls Dukal™
Cotton roll Dukal™
Cotton Tipped Applicators Dukal™
Cotton twill sacral
Cover-Roll stretch
Cramer Heavy duty ice bags
Cramer Ice bag dispenser
Cramer Skin Lube lubricating ointment
Crepe examination table paper
Cross shape 3-post bath system
Cryo/Cuff cold and compression dressing system
Cryo/Cuff for walking brace
Cuff weights
Curtain boom and bracket
Curved Flex Sponge Rubber & Frame for G5
Cushion Stability Trainer Thera-Band®
Custom Slings
Customized cold/hot pack
D-ACTOR® applicator for Intelect® RPW
D-ACTOR® D20-S transmitter
D-ACTOR® D35 transmitter
D-ACTOR® DI15 transmitter
D-ACTOR® F15 transmitter
D-ACTOR® R15 transmitter
D-Core Support Pillow
D.D. Palmer Commemorative Plaque
DawnMist® Facial and Body Soap
Deburring knife for thermoplastic
Deep Cold Pain Patch®
Deep Heathing Arthritis Patch
Deep Heathing Maxx Patch
Degreaser and multi purpose cleaner CL1000
Deluxe Exerciser
Deluxe Walking Sling
Denture reactivation postcard
Designer series illuminator
Désinfection par injection #7
Desktop Easel with Flipchart
Desktop Portal Package
Dickson paraffin bath 22lbs and 50lbs
Dickson paraffin bath 6 to 22lbs capacity
Digi-Extend® finger exerciser
Digi-Flex complete kit
Digital manual muscle tester Lafayette®
Digital moist heating pad Theratherm
Disco-Sit cushion
Diseases and Disorders book charts
Disinfecting detergent ready to use Spectrol
Disinfection system
Dispenser for antimicrobial foaming Derma-Free
Dispenser for instant antibacterial hand foam Amfo-Derm
Disposable band sling
Disposable Coveralls
Disposable dental bibs / professional towels MTM
Disposable embossed paper towel MTM
Disposable Face Rest Covers Flat
Disposable otoscope specula
Disposable paper drape sheets
Disposable paper slippers
Disposable patient exam gowns
Disposable penlight
Disposable Pillow Case DukalPillow Case
Disposable Pillowcovers
Disposable rubber tip for adjustment gun
Disposable Scrub Wear
Disposable slide Sheet ErgoSafe
Disposable sling
Disposable Underpad
Disposable washcloth
Disposible penlight
Distech™ Procedure Mask
Doctor's Orders brochure
Donjoy® Shoulder Stabilizer SPA
Dorsal and lumbar Acu-Cones™ kit
Dorsal cock-up splint
Dorsal wrist cock-up splint Orfilight
Dose Controler Hybresis
Double action hand pump
DR Rayence X-Ray System
Dr Terry Yochum DVD
DR x-ray system Naomi
Drainage DN 50
Drawer cart
Dual action muscle ache relief night time rub
Dual action neck, shoulder and back pain relief patch
Dual action neck, shoulder and back pain relief warming rub
Dualer IQ Pro™ Digital inclinometer
Dualer plus Double inclinometers
Dukal non-skid shoe covers
Dukal Non-sterile Conforming Stretch gauze
Dukal non-sterile gauze sponges
Dukal Sterile Conforming Stretch gauze
Dukal sterile gauze pads
Dukal sterile non-adherent pads
Dukal Tongue depressors
Dukal triangular bandage
Dukal™ 3 ply surgical mask
Dukal™ cone shaped mask
Dukal™ procedure mask
Dupel iontophores electrodes
Dupel Iontophores system
DVD / VHS "Beginning Chiropractic Care"
DVD / VHS "Chiropractic for Beginners"
DVD / VHS "Your Report of Findings"
Dynamic Tape®
Dynamometer Orfit
Dynarex Adhesive Remover
Dynatrack™ Plus Patella Stabilizer
Econo-Wave pillow Core
Economical elastic bandage
Economical Stethoscope
Elastic bandage Dukal™
Elastic tape Leukotape® K
Elastic thread Orfit
Elastic trochanter
Elastogrip bandage
Elatic cock-up
Elbow Cryo/Cuff
Elbow Spider pre-cut
Electric Elevation Elite Table
Electrode gel Spectra 360
Electrodes for Enraf stimulators
Electronic hand grip Baseline®
Electronic soap dispenser Frost
Electronic soap dispenser QTS
Electrotherapy Sponge sheet
Embassy® Multi-FoldTowels
EMG cable
Empi wire for TENS and NMES
Empty 500 ml container
Empty Enema Bags
Empty Enema Bags with rigid tips
Empty gel Bottle
EMS2000 muscle stimulator
End-Stop & End-Stop Safety Pin
Enema tips with retention cuff for air contrast studies
Enema tips without retention cuff for air contrast studies
Enraf and Gymna style Electrodes
Envelopes for wishing cards
Epicondylitis Clasp Epi-Med®
Ergobelt® Plus padded gait belt with cushioned handles
ErgoBelt® professional gait belt with four handles
Ergobench table with tilt headpiece
Ergocycle Star Trac Spinner NXT
Ergocycle Star Trac Spinner NXT - Reconditioned
ErgoGlide one way glide
ErgoSlide® Lateral Transfer
ErgoSlide® Plus slide sheet
ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Adjusting Elevation Treatment Table
Essential Ice™ Scotsman® Essential Ice
Ethyl Chloride® spray
Ethyle Chloride®
Eurolight Halogen Otoscope Set
Exer-Pedic peddler Classic Clinical model DA-100
Exer-Pedic peddler Classic Clinical model DA-300
Exer-Pedic peddler model DA-15
Exer-Pedic peddler model DA-50
Exer-Pedic peddler model DA-70 and DA-75
Exercice Pulley Set
Exercise Ball Cando®
Exercise Ball Cando® ABS deluxe
Exercise ball Pro Series SCP™ Thera-Band®
Exercise ball Thera-Band®
Exercise bike Hudson EC-3200
Exercises manual for Exercise Swiss balls
Extremity Whirlpools - E Series
Extrinsic anti-spastic splint with thumb piece
Eye Exam reactivation postcard
Eye-Level Detecto Scale 448
Eyelet setter for thermoplastic
F-450 Total Floor Lift
F-600 Total Floor Lift
Fabric Pouches for hot/cold packs
Fabrifoam® Patt Strap Knee Brace
Facial Tissue Casdade®
Facial tissue White Swan
Ferno® Head Immobilizer
Ferno® Pocket Mask
Fibre posture pillow Vitacare
Filing envelopes
Film marker pencil
Films Agfa B Plus
Films Agfa Cronet 10T
Films Agfa Drystar TM 1C
Films Agfa Duplicata
Films Agfa LT2 B
Films Agfa LT820 B
Films Agfa MRF33
Films Agfa Ortho HT-C
Films Agfa Scopix CR5B
Films Agfa Scopix RP 1S
Films Agfa Ultra UV-G
Films Agfa Ultra UV-L
Finger extension assist Orfit
Finger Splint
First Aid Complete kit
First Aid Complete kit for taping
First Aid Complete kit with rigid case
First Aid kit with belt
Fitterfist Classic Stretching Mats
Fix-it Stick ™
Fixation Stick ™
Fixed Ceiling track lift C-450 & C-625
Fixed Ceiling track lift TA 800
Fixed lanyard
Flanel headrest cover
Flat head rest cover
Flexi-Cuff Retention tips
Flexi-Tip pediatric retention tips
Flexible Cervical Vertebral Column
Flexible Vertebral Column with Femoral Heads
Flextrode Conductive spray
Fluff filled underpads
Foam - filled terry cover Chattanooga
Foam Kit
Foam Roll Core
Foam underwrap Jaybird®
Foamed stretcher
Foot Cryo/Cuff
For Skeptics Only brochure
Four stage vertebrae set
Four-Ball Firm Rubber applicator for G5
Freedom ratine face cloths
Frequently Asked Questions Brochure
Full Disarticulated Budget Skeleton With Skull
Full Standing support Sling
Functional Hip Joint Model
Functional Knee Joint Model
Functional Shoulder Joint Model
Fungicide Germicide Detergent Fectol
G5 Travel Bag
Galaxy Table 2 Sections
Galaxy table 3 sections
Game Ready® - Ankle
Game Ready® - Articulated knee
Game Ready® - Back
Game Ready® - C-T Spince
Game Ready® - Elbow
Game Ready® - Flexed Elbow
Game Ready® - Half Leg Boot
Game Ready® - Hand & Wrist
Game Ready® - Hip Groin
Game Ready® - Knee
Game Ready® - Shoulder Wrap
Game Ready® Pro 2.1
Garbage bags
Gaunter thumb post splint
Gauntlet immobilization
GBM portable massager
Gel warmer
Germicidal detergent liquid concentrate
Germicidal Detergent UltraQuat®
Gibson's Paper towels
GK-3® massager with stand
Glacier Packs Whitehall
Gonstead Spinograph Ruler
Gowns with ties
Gowns with velcro
Griffin reacher
Gripper™ Hinged Knee Brace
Groin Spider pre-cut
HA90C Chiropractic Table with optional Manual Drops
HA90E examination table
Hair washing basin
Half apron
Half-Ball Firm Rubber applicator for G5
Half-moon head-rest cushion
Hammock Sling
Hamstring Spider pre-cut
Hand and wrist Cryo/Cuff
Hand cleanser Satin
Hand exerciser Cando Web®
Handmaster Plus™
Head for Welch Allyn 3.5V coaxial ophthalmoscope
Head for Welch Allyn 3.5V standard ophthalmoscope
Head rest #1
Head rest #2
Head rest #3
Head Traction Set
Head with specula for Welch Allyn 3.5V diagnostic otoscope
Head with specula for Welch Allyn 3.5v Diagnostic otoscope / throat illuminator
Headrest paper
Health Status Form
HealthGuard Protection pillow cover
Healthy habits poster
Heat gun Orfit
Heating bath Suspan 1
Heating bath Suspan 2
Heel and Lace Pads Roll
Hell cup
Hexagonal dumbell
Hi-Boy Whirlpools - H Series
High Performance peel & stick electrodes "Silver Conductor"
Highly absorbtion New Sponges Dukal™
Hilei kit for Hilei orthesis
Hilei Orfitube
Hilei repair kit
Hill Adjustable Mat Table
Hill AFT Automatic Flexion Table with optional Manual Drops
Hill Deluxe AFT Automatic Flexion Table with Complete Set of Auto Air Drops
Hill HA90P Podiatry Medical Chair
Hip Spider pre-cut
Hot pack handling tongs
Hudson® Oropharyngeal Airway
Humeru "EP" brace kit
Humeru "EP" precut
Humerus brace kit
Humerus precut
Hybresis Kit
Hybresis patch
Hybrid portable X-ray system for veterinarian VET-20BT
Hybrid Stick
HydroChlor™ Whirlpool Antiseptic
Hydrocollator HotPac Chattanooga
Hydrocover drying rack
Hydromassage with 2 jets #1
Hydromassage with 2 jets #2
Hydromassage with 2 jets #3
Hydromassage with 2 jets #4
Hydromassage with 2 jets #5
Hydromassage with 5 jets #2
Hydromassage with 5 jets #3
Hydromassage with H.J.S. 2-jet system
Hygiene Sling
Hypafix® Transparent Retention Sheet
Hypafix® non-woven dressing retention sheet
I.D. Printer
IBEX flannel blanket
Ice cold pain relief gel
Ice machine 50 lbs
Ice machine DCE33
Identification cards for X-RAY
Illuminators 96 series
Image-Vet® DC Dental veterinary radiology system
Imaging Handout
ImaSight 3500 system for veterinarians
ImaSight 4600 system for chiropractors
ImaSight 4600 system for veterinarians
Impulse® EMS D7 Electro-Muscle Stimulator
In-Line Seating
Inform thank you postcard
Infrared hand control
Injector disinfection #1
Injector disinfection #2
Injector disinfection #3
Injector disinfection #4
Injector disinfection #5
Injector disinfection #6
Injector disinfection #8
Inletect Operator remote
Instant Cold Rapid Aid compress
Instant hand antibacterial gel Sani-Derm
Instrument Holster
Inteferential carbon eletrodes
Intelect Advanced and Intelect Mobile Ultrasound applicators
Intelect Advanced Battery Pack
Intelect Advanced carrying bag
Intelect Advanced Channel 3 & 4 Stimulation module
Intelect Advanced Channel 3 & 4 Stimulation module (option)
Intelect Advanced Electrotherapy Unit
Intelect Advanced Vacuum Electrode System
Intelect Legend XT®
Intelect Mobile and Intelect Transport Battery pack
Intelect Mobile and Intelect Transport carrying bag
Intelect Mobile Laser unit
Intelect Shortwave Diathermy
Intelect Therapy system cart (optional)
Intelect Transport and XT Ultrasoun applicators
Intelect TranSport® Combo
Intelect TranSport® Electrotherapy Unit
Intelect TranSport® Ultrasound
Intelect® Analogic Muscle Stimulator
Intelect® Analogic TENS
Intelect® Digital Muscle Stimulator
Intelect® Digital TENS
Intelect® Legend XT and TranSport system cart
Intelect® Mobile and Advanced system cart
Intelect® Mobile Combo unit
Intelect® Mobile Stim units
Intelect® Mobile Ultrasound
Intelect® Neo
Intelect® Neo Module Laser
Intelect® Neo Module Stim Channel 1 & 2
Intelect® Neo Module Stim Channel 1 & 2 + EMG
Intelect® Neo Module Stim Channel 3 & 4
Intelect® Neo Module Succion
Intelect® Neo Module Ultrasound
Intelect® Shortwave 100 shortwave diathermy
Intelect® Vet Electrotherapy system for Veterinarian
Intelect® Wires
Intensity Twin Stim® III
InTENSity™ Select Combo
Inter-dia NST
Interferential lead 1/4" Mono
Interferential lead 1/4" Stereo
Intervertebral discs model with nerves
Intraoral X-Ray system Kodak 2100
Intraoral X-Ray system Kodak 2200
Intrinsic plus anti-spastic splint
Intrinsic plus resting splint
Invertrac traction naturally
Invisible Clock unit (#CLOCKS)
Iris scissors
Isolation Gowns Dukal™
Isopropyl alcohol 70%
It's As Simple As That Booklets
It's Simple As That cd-rom presentation
It's your move missed appointments postcard
Jaybird Athletic Colors Tape
Jaybird Athletic Tape EX25 Pro
Jaybird Med-Pak®
Jaylastic® Lightweight Select Tape
Jaylastic® Plus II Tape
Jaylastic® Tape 4500
Jaystrap™ #90 Tape
Jeanie Rub Massager
Jet Engine reactivation postcard
Joint jack coil spring Orfit
JP-33 X-Ray film processor with stand
JPI Cassettes-Screen
Jumpstart Kit
Just the Essentials kit
Kids Play poster
Kilotech Medical Scales PH series
Kinesiology tape Kinesio® Tex Gold™
Kinesiology tape Spidertech™
Kinesiology Tape Victor K-Tape
Kit Single Orfitube adjuster
Knee Cryo/Cuff
Knee Elevator
Knee Spider pre-cut
Knuckle bender coil spring Orfit
Kodak CSG X-Ray Films
Kodak Directview Classic CR System - Bundle S (Small volume)
Kodak Directview Classic CR System - Bundle V (Veterinarian)
Kodak Directview Classic CR System - Bundle V with EVP Plus (Veterinarian)
Kodak Directview CR975
Kodak Directview Elite CR System with EVP Plus
Kodak Directview Elite CR System with EVP Plus Mammo "Hi-Resolution"
Kodak directView EVP Plus Software
Kodak Dup/RA-1 radiology films
Kodak DVB radiography films
Kodak DVC radiography films
Kodak EDR-2 oncology films
Kodak Hyper Speed G X-Ray films
Kodak Min-R 2000 Mammography films
Kodak Min-R EV Mammography films
Kodak MXGL X-Ray Films
Kodak TML X-Ray Films
Kodak TMS/RA-1 X-Ray films
Kodak X-Sight G/RA X-Ray films
Konica screen cleaner
Laerdal® Face Shield
Laerdal®: Pocket Mask
Large rubber applicator for G5
Laser Digilase 30 250 mg
Laser Infrared Vario 250
Laser Protective glasses
Laser Travelscan
Lateral frame attachment
Latex examination gloves AMD Ritmed
Latex finger cot Almedic
Latex Free Thera-Band resistive band®
Laundry detergent Prolim Eco
Lead apron with quick release belt
Lead apron with tie straps
Lead sheet
Leadwires for Cefar Tempo, Primo and Basix 3
Leg Spacer
Leg with hip bone
Leukotape P Strapping Tape
Lightness Balm
Lightplast® Pro
Liquid Polibar Plus - Low-viscosity Suspensions for Air Contrast
Liquid softener Prosoft + Eco
Lister bandage scissors
Living Proof reactivation postcard
Locking Carry Bars C series
Long ring 60 minutes timer
Low Back Spider pre-cut
Lumbar drop for Techniques Tables
Lumbar Roll LumbAirplus
Lumbar Spinal Column with Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc
Lumbar support Embrace AirKing
Lumbar support Embrace AirPlus
Lumbar support Embrace Plus
Lumbar support Vitaroll
Lumbar traction device Saunders®
Lumbo Direxa® Back Support
Lumbo-sacral support Formedica
Lumocolor Non-permanent Omnichrom pencils
Lymphatic Spider pre-cut
Magnetic Pads Beige
Mailing envelopes for radiography
Malleolar Gel Sleeve
Manual "Musculation et principes d'entraînement"
Manual ID card Wolf
Manual: "Therapeutic hand splints - A rational approach"
Marathon Stick
Massage citrus lotion PhysioDerm
Massage cream - Masso Pieds
Massage Cream - Masso Visage
Massage Cream - Shea butter, honey & propolis
Massage lotion PhysioDerm
Massage Table Essential Carry Case
Master massager support
Maternity S/I-Loc® Belt
Max-Relax face cushion
McKenzie REPEX™ Table
McKenzie® cervical Roll
McKenzie® lumbar Rolls
Medical table Montane 2 sections
Medicine Ball
Medicine Cups
Medicold hot & cold reusable compress
Medistik™ Dual
Medistik™ Ice
MEDIWAX therapeutic paraffin wax
MedPro Elastigrip Compressive Elasticated Bandages
MedPro N95 Mask
Memory foam pillow Vitacare
MENS Micro Plus
Mesh Sitback Rest
Mi Theta 600
Microfoam 3M surgical tape
Micropore 3M surgical tape
Mid-Core Pillow
Mid-track Charger station
Mineral oil for paraffin
Mini Otoscope with battery
Mini Pro 2 massager
Miss you missed appointments postcard
Mobile Hydrocollator heating unit
Mobile storage rack for balls
Moist heat pack Relief Pak®
Monark Cardio Care 827E Stationary bike
Monark Cardio Comfort 837E Stationary bike
Monark Cardio Comfort 837E recumbent stationary bike
Monark Ergomedic 828E stationary bike
Morgue carry bar
Morgue Sling
Mother-to-be Maternity support
Mr. Plain Skeleton
Mr. Superskeleton
Mr. Thrifty flexible skeleton
Mr. Thrifty skeleton
MTM disposable towels
MTM patient exam capes
Mucle stimulator Focus
Mueller® lubricating ointment
Multi prong applicator for G5
Multi-Axial Balance Systems MAPS™
Multi-dimensional rehabilitation System Wall Station
Multi-Port Turntable 16 port
Multiplex VS-10 Vacuum electrodes system
Muscle ache relief ultra strength ice gel
Muscle spine with disorders
Muscle stimulation & TENS electrodes
Muscular rehab unit Cefar Rehab X4
Music CD "Innate"
Myo-Ther™ Genie Plus table disinfectant
N-R-Gee Heel Lifts
N'Ice Stretch®
N95 Dukal™ Masks High Protection
Nail Clipper
Nail Polish Remover Pads Dukal™
Neck Spider pre-cut
Neoprene dumbell
Neoprene wrist support
Neptune's Gift Massage oil
Neptune's Gift Massage oil - Raisin seeds oil
Neptune's Gift Mineral cure spa kit
Neptune's Gift Body Moisturizing lotion
Nerve Function Handout
Nerve Function Model
NeuroCryoStimulation Cryo One unit
NeuroCryoStimulation Cryo+ unit
NeuroTrac® MyoPlus 2
NeuroTrac® PC Software
NeuroTrac® Simplex Plus
Non bleached medical paper
Non-gelled Carbon rubber electrodes
Non-Gelled Interferential Carbon rubber electrodes
Non-Woven compress PurCotton
Normal Lumbar Set
Nova™ Portable Massage Table
NRG ball
Nugget ice machine Scotsman® NU130
Nurse's Cap Dukal™
Nylatex Wraps
Oakwork® General Ultrasound Table with Fowler
Oakworks® Bolster side arm rest
Oakworks® Echocardiography Table
Oakworks® Fitted Massage Table Protector
Oakworks® General 3-Section Top Ultrasound Table
Oakworks® General Ultrasound Table
Oakworks® Massage chair sternum pad
Oakworks® Multi-Specialty Table
Oakworks® One massage table
Oakworks® Portable Table Extender
Oakworks® Prone Pillow
Oakworks® Spine Positionning System II
Oakworks® Vascular Table with Fowler
Oakworks® Vascular Table without Fowler
Oakworks® Womens Imaging Table
Oakworks® Basic Stool
Oakworks® Essential Table Warmer
Oakworks® Premium Stool
Oakworks® Premium Stool with Backrest
Oakworks® Premium Stool with Saddle Seat
Oakworks® Premium Table Warmer
Oakworks® Professional Stool
Odourless arthritis rub
Oil and lotion holsters Core Product®
Onward Turntable Standing Pivot aid
OptiFlex® 3 Continuous Passive Motion Device
OPTP® Wrist Restore
Orfit Classic Soft
Orfit Classic Stiff
Orfit ECO
Orfit NS Soft
Orfit NS Stiff
Orfitube ends
Orfitube kit
Orfizip - Corset
Ortho Gel®
Orthocush wedge
Otoscope specula for Eurolight
Otoscope Welch Allyn
Overhead Set It's As Simple As That
Overhead traction
Pain relief ointment Vitarub
Pair of safety bar
PALS Platinium Blue Electrodes
PALS Platinium Foam Electrodes
Pamphlets holder
Paper tape Dukal
Paper towel Decor™
Paper towel White Swan
Paraffin Bath Stand for Dickson PB-101 and PB-107
Paraffin Bath Stand for Dickson PB-102
Paraffin Eco-Wax
Paraffin Thera-Band®
Patched continue care postcard
Patellavator™ Knee Orthosis
Patient data card for Intelect ® unit
Patient Exam Wear
Patient file
Patient Form RF-02F
Patient lifters GK Hektor
Patient lifters GK Ikarus
Pedicure equipment
Penetrating cool sprain and strain relief gel
Penetrating warmth arthritis pain relief patch
PerfectView illuminators
Perluxe hand soap
Personalized set-up fee (1 time only)
PG300 Exam Table
Phone thank you postcard
Physio Logic digital blood pressure monitor
Plastic 360° ISOM goniometer
Plastic 360° Rulongmeter Goniometer
Pneumatic Hand Controls
Pneumatic stool
Pneumatic stool with 5 legs on casters
Pocket goniometer in plastic
Pocket Mask Emergency Hip Case
Podiatry digital X-Ray System
Podiatry Whirlpools - P Series
Pointed tip firm scalp for G5
Polibar Rapide - Barium enema kit in double contrast
Polyester monofilament thread
Polyethylene Spinal Board
Portable ceiling lift weigh scale
Portable combine unit QuadStar II®
Portable Digital Interferential BioStim® INF
Portable Lift P-600
Portable Taping Table
Portable treatment table Techniques Tables
Portable X-ray system for veterinarian HF100+
Portable X-ray system for veterinarian HF8015+ DLP
Portable X-ray system for veterinarian PXM-20BT
Portable X-ray system for veterinarian PXP-16HF
Portable X-ray system for veterinarian PXP-20HF Plus
Portable X-ray system for veterinarian PXP-40HF Plus
Portable X-ray system for veterinarian TR90
Portal Pro® massage chair
Positioning Sling
Poster "Chiropractic First: Colds & Flu"
Poster "Chiropractic Benefits Everyone"
Poster "Chiropractic Doesn't Cure: Musculo"
Poster "Chiropractic Doesn't Cure: Visceral"
Poster "Chiropractic First: Earache Baby"
Poster "Chiropractic First: Female Headache"
Poster "Chiropractic First: Female Low Back Pain"
Poster "Chiropractic First: Male Headache"
Poster "Chiropractic First: Male Low Back Pain"
Poster "Chiropractic Lifestyle: Career"
Poster "Chiropractic Lifestyle: Life"
Poster "Chiropractic Lifestyle: Sport"
Poster "Everything I Need to Know"
Poster "Excuse"
Poster "First Subluxation"
Poster "Health"
Poster "How to Refer"
Poster "I feel Great"
Poster "Imaging"
Poster "Relapse"
Poster "Results"
Poster "Retention: Braces"
Poster "Retention: Denture"
Poster "Retention: Living Proof"
Poster "Subluxation Degeneration"
Poster "The Vertebral Subluxation Complex"
Poster "Three Types of Care"
Poster "What You See"
Poster "Why I Am A Doctor of Chiropractor"
Poster "World Research"
Posture Angel™ Active Rehab System
Posture pillow Vitacare
Posture Spider pre-cut
Posture Support Posture S'port®
Power multi-port turntable
PowerLine™ treatment table
Pre-cut Kinesio® Tex Gold for Back
Pre-cut Kinesio® Tex Gold for Foot
Pre-cut Kinesio® Tex Gold for Knee
Pre-cut Kinesio® Tex Gold for Neck
Pre-cut Kinesio® Tex Gold for Shoulder
Pre-cut Kinesio® Tex Gold for Wrist
Pre-fill #1
Pre-fill #2
Pregnancy wedge
Premium Aero-Cel™ Table Cushion
Premium medical paper
Premium medical paper not 100% bleached
Premium Non-woven Sponges Dukal™
Premium Upgrade Vinyl for Techniques Tables
Prescription labels for Alis-Vet
PresSsion garment
Pressure STABILIZER Bio-Feedback Unit
Prevention worker's belt
Primera™ TENS/NMES
Pro Fitter - Physio Kit
ProBand® BandIT
ProCare® Surround Patella Strap Brace
Prodigy® Scotsman®: Ice Machine
Professional Grade Paraffin Bath TherabathPRO
Professional heat guns
Professional Hydraulic Scale
Professional Massage Table Carry Case
Professional Smart Tools Set
Professional Stool with Backrest Oakworks®
Proluxe Convertible Electric Base
Proluxe electric flat top massage table
Protection Plus knitted outline sheets
Protective flap for soap dispenser
Protective gloves
Providione solution
Pulley system
Pulmo Air Balm
PumpElevation Elite Table
Push-Pull Chatillon® FCE dynamometer
Push-Pull Chatillon® MSC dynamometer
PVC Injection molded heel lifts
Q2 Transfer Board
Quick curve
Quick curve trolley
Quick-Fit Turntable
Quicklock™ Plattform
Radial pressure wave unit Intelect® Mobile RPW
Radial pressure wave unit Intelect® RPW
Radial wrist extension splint
Rapid Review: Anatomy Reference Guide
Reception room video
Reference Book Classic Anthology
Rehab 400
Relaxo Balm
Relief Pak® HotSpot® Moist Heat Pack Terry Cover
Replacement Blade for Shark® Tape Cutters
Replacement blade for Zip-Cut® tape cutter
Respond 300PV™
Reusable 3M cold / hot packs
Reusable Cold & Hot compress Rapid Relief
Reusable penlight
Reusable Plastic covers for G5 applicators
Revision kit for projectiles for Intelect RPW
Revolving hole punch for thermoplastic
Rheumatoid arthritis resting hand splint
Right Angle Directional-Stroking® Adaptor for G5
Rocker Board
RockTape H2O Kinesiology Tape
RockTape Kinesiology Tape
RockTape Power Strips
Rolls of hand-paper Estime™
Room to room carry bar
Rotational Discs set
Rubber Carbon Electrodes for Tens Plus
Rusch® Nasopharyngeal Airway
S.O.T. blocks and board
S/I-Loc® Belt
SA-400 Stand aid
Safe continue care postcard
Safety belt
Safety Pins
Saliva ejectors
Sam-Quick Splint
Sandra vinyl pillow
Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Cloth
Saunders clinical cervical traction device
Scale assembly kit for c series shackle arm
Scale made of steel Baseline®
Scalp and skin surface applicator for G5
Scapa Renfrew athletic tape
Scar Pump
Sciatica Acu-Cones™ kit
Scoliosis lead shield
Scotsman Ice machine CSE60
Scotsman Ice machine CSW45
Scotsman Ice machine SCE170
Self-adherent wrap Coban
Sequoia 2-post system
Set of 3 gonodal lead shield for adult
Set of 4 clear silicone cups
Set of Gonadal shields
Shampoo and bath oil dispenser #1
Shampoo and bath oil dispenser #2
Shampoo and bath oil dispenser #3
Shampoo and bath oil dispenser #4
Sharing Thank you postcard
Shark® Pro Tape Cutter
Shark® Tape Cutter
Short Ryno Lacer® Wrist and Thumb Support
Should You Be Seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic brochure
Shoulder Cryo/Cuff
Shoulder Spider pre-cut
Shower panel GK DP
Shower panel GK DP with integrated flush tank
Showering system GK Genius
Showering system GK Zeus
Side extensions for Techniques Tables
Silicon spray
Silopad® Gel Disc
Sit-in bath tub GK Hera
Sit-in bath tub GK Relax
Sitback Rest Deluxe with Belt
SitFitter cushion
Six Reasons to Continue Chiropractic Care brochure
Skin Prep®
Sling labeling
Smooth medical paper
Soap dispenser QTS
Soft sponge rubber applicator for G5
Soft sponge rubber applicator for G5
Soft-Fit NS
Software ChiroSoft
Sonicator® 718 & 719 Portable Ultrasound
Sonicator® 740 Ultrasound
Sonicator® Plus 920 Combo
Sonicator® Plus 940 Combo
Spare blades for deburring knife
Speculas for Gowland
Speed Splint®
Spiky ball
Spine Power® belt
Splinter tweesers
Sponge pockets for metal plate electrodes
Sponge pockets for rubber electrodes
SportsArt TR33 Treadmill
Spotlight Summit
Spray and Stretch®
Spring coil pliers for thermoplastic
Spring wire
Sprinter Stick
Square 4-post
SRX-101A tabletop processor
Stackable side rail
Stainless steel 180° goniometer
Stainless steel 180° pocket goniometer
Stainless steel 360° goniometer
Stainless steel finger goniometer (small joint)
Stand aid floor lift S-440
Stand for Cryo+
Stand for electronic soap dispenser
Stand-aid Sling
Standard air release valve
Standing Pivot aid Pediturn
Staphcheck Vinyl pillow
Star X-ray Illuminators
Stationary Hydrocollator heating unit
Stationnary Elite table
Sterile absorbend combine pad
Sterile disposable scalpels
Sterile gauze sponges (2 per envelope)
Sterile surgical blades
Sterile Surgical Latex Gloves AMD
Sterilization pouches - self sealing Crosstex®
Sticker Rack
Stifneck Select® Adjustable Cervical Collar
Storable Mat Table-33
Storable Mat Table-35
Storable Mat Table-40
Stretcher sheet
Stretcher sheets
Stretcher Sling
Strong scissor for thermoplastic
Subluxation Degeneration Handout
Subluxation Syndrome Model
Suction cup electrodes for interferential therapy stimulators
Suction cup for X-Ray marker
Suction cup with vertical connection
Sully® Shoulder Brace
Sup-R Band™ Latex Free Exercise Band
Super flexible peel & stick electrodes "Carbon conductor"
Super XL - Delivery Systems for Direct Air Contrast Studies
Surgeon's Cap Dukal™
Swivel Cushion sitting pivot aid
Swivel Speed Clip Strap
Sys*Stim 226 Interferential
Sys*Stim 240
Sys*Stim 294
Systems and Structures book charts
T-shape 3-post bedroom system
Table cart
Tape Patches Empi
Tape remover Cramer® liquid
Tape Underwrap
Taylor percussion hammer
TCell™ refill
Telescoping curtain boom and bracket
TENS Active™ for knee
TENS Active™ with conductive belt
TENS BioMed® 2000XT
Tens Cefar Dumo 2.4 k
TENS Cefar Easy
Tens Dynex IV
TENS Eclipse+ Digital
Tens Epix XL
TENS Impulse® 3000T
TENS Impulse® D5
TENS, EMS, & Microcurrent lead wires
Tensoplast® Elastic Adhesive Bandage
Tensoplast® Elastic Adhesive Tape
Tensosport® Bandage
Terry vinyl covers Chattanooga
TeWa Coated needles
Textured latex gloves Medicom® SafeBasics™ Easy Fit™
Textured Nitrile Examination Gloves AMD Ritmed
Textured Nitrile Gloves Medicom® SafeBasics™ True Fit Thin™
The Event Driven Practice Kit
The Grid® roll
The Splinting guide manual
The Truth About brochure
Thera-Band resistive band®
Thera-Band® exercise tubing
Thera-Band® exercise bands kit
Thera-Band® exercises tubes kit
Thera-Band® Ground Exercises Station
Thera-Band® hand exerciser
Thera-Band® Soft weight
Thera-Band® XL hand exerciser
TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape
Therabath® Paraffin Wax Refill
Therapeutic water support pillow AquaCore®
Therapeutica pillow
Therapy brochures
Therma Splint heating bath
Thermal Balm
Thermal Bath Forma-Splint SP-1501 and SP-1502
Thermal Bath Forma-Splint SP-1502
Thermal Bath Forma-Splint SP-750
Thermal Packs Whitehall
Thermometer for paraffin bath Ferno
Thermometer for paraffin bath Thera-Band®
Thermoplastic Marker
Theta 500
Thickness calliper
Thigh Cryo/Cuff
Thompson Techniques 8-DVD series
Thoracic drop for Techniques Tables
Three Types of Care Handout
Thumb post splint Orfilight
Thumper® Maxi Pro massager
Thumper® Sport Percussive Massager
Thumper® Equine massager
Thumper® VMTX Massager
Thumz'up skier's thumb splint
Thyroid lead shield
Tibia "PTB" brace kit
Tibia "PTB" precut
Tibia brace kit
Tibia precut
Tilt with Adjustable Face Cushion
Tilt with forward Drop, Adjustable Face Cushion
Time manager PACESETTER™
Tip for step-stool
Topical Analgesic FastFreeze®
Total floor lift F-550
Touch free Sprain and Strain relief spray
Tournesol Classic Performance Massage Oil
Tournesol Dual Performance Massage Lotion
Tournesol Ultra Performance Massage Gel
TradeFlex Electric Flexion Table
TradeFlex ManualFlexion Table
Transfer Board
Transmission gel Aquasonic 100
Transparent Semi-Permeable Dressings Dukal™
Transparent tape Dukal™
Transpoint end-stop
Transpore 3M surgical tape
TransPortable Lift P-440
Transstrip SuperTrack
Transstrip Track
Transstrip TrackPlus
Travel pillow Core
Travel Stick
Tray covers Crosstex®
Treadmill BodyGuard T240
Treadmill Star Trac S-TRc
Treatment table Montane 2 sections
Treatment table Montane 3 sections
Treatment table Montane 5 sections
Treatment table Montane 7 sections
Treatment table Montane Bobath
Treatment table Region™ 2
Treatment table Region™ 3
Treatment table Region™ 7
Tri-Core Pillow
Trigger Point Chart Set "Torso & Extremities, 2nd edition"
Triggerizer acupressure unit
Trio*Stim electrotherapy unit
Tripod™ Wrist Support
Triton® DTS traction Table
Trolley assembly
Tru-Pull® Lite Knee Brace
Trust thank you postcard
Tub shorter
Tuf-Skin® Non-aerosol
Tuning forks
Two-Ball Firm Rubber applicator for G5
Ulnar drift splint
Ultra ErgoSheets®
Ultra slide Board
Ultra strength dual action Menthacin® arthritis relief rub
Ultra strength joint pain relief gel
Ultra strength neck, shoulder and back pain relief patch
Ultrasound Sonicator 730
Ultrasound system
Underwater light #1
Underwater light #2
Universal Foam Knee Immobilizer
Universal head halter for head traction
Universal scissors
Universal Sling
Universal Trochanter Belt
Universal Upright Raymaster radiology system
Upper Thoracic Drop for Techniques Tables
Utility Emergency Shears
V-ACTOR® applicator for Intelect® RPW
Vacuum hose leads for Interferential therapy stimulators
Vacuum hose leads, set of 4
Val-u-Band™ Latex Free Exercise Band
Val-u-Band™ Low Powder Exercise Band
Variable bathing system GK Basic
Variable bathing system GK Basic+
Variable bathing system GK Magic 1000
Variable bathing system GK Magic 2000
Variable bathing system GK Magic 3000
Variable lifting bath GK Diana
Variable lifting bath GK Fortuna
Variable lifting bath GK Helena
Variable lifting bath GK Iris
Variable lifting bath GK Venus
Vellux blanket
VersaPro massager
Vertebral Subluxation Complex brochure
Victor Rigid strapping tape
Video hand splinting
Vinyl and leather cleaner
Vinyl dumbell
Waiting room CD "Ambiance"
Waiting room CD "Dream Dancer"
Waiting room CD "Enchanted Light"
Waiting room CD "Flow"
Waiting room CD "Gentle Passion"
Waiting room CD "Relaxation"
Waiting room CD "Starry Night"
Walking Sling
Wall mount 6" connector bracket
Wall mount bracket
Wall mount system
Wall support for 500 ml
Warming muscle ache relief ultra strength rub
Warming muscle ache relief ultra strength rub
Wartenberg Neuro Pinwheel
Washable "3 in 1" bed underpad
Water pillow Chiroflow
Water pillow Mediflow
Water weight bag for head traction
Wave comfort pillow Core
WaxWel® Beads Paraffin
WaxWel® Blocks Paraffin
Welch Allyn diagnostic otoscope specula dispenser
Wellness 1st Back supports
Wellspring™ portable massage table
West Bend electronic magnetic timer
What Dr. Frankenstein Forget Audiocassette
What Dr. Frankenstein Forgot CDs
What you see postcard
Whirlpool disinfectant cleaner
White foam rolls
White molded styrene end cap
Widget® Wrist Brace
Wireless Professional Electrotherapy Device
Wobble Board
Wobble board kit
Wolf Intensi-Spot
Wood Applicators Dukal™
Wooden foot-step
Work, Play, Live poster
World's Best Anatomical Chart Series
Wound closure strips Dukal™
Wraparound Neoprene knee support
Wrist and thumb splint
Wrist extension coil spring Orfit
Wrist Spider pre-cut
X-Ray film Agfa Curix Opthos H
X-Ray film Agfa Curix Ortho HT-G
X-Ray film Agfa Curix Ortho HT-L Plus
X-Ray marker
X-Ray positionning marker
X-ray system Innovet® Select HF
X-ray system Innovet® Specialist HF
X-ray system Innovet® Versa
X-Y gantry manual traverse
X-Y gantry manual traverse above mount
X-Y gantry power traverse
X-Y gantry tp manual traverse
Zero Runner
Zip-Cut® Tape Cutter
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